How Augmented Reality Will Change Work Forever

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The dorky glasses that will change the world

1. Infinitely expansive working environments

With the laws of physics thrown out the window, gravity can be defied, and workplaces can expand beyond the size of the screen. 3-dimensional floating windows, icons, documents, maps, diagrams, elephants—pretty much anything you can imagine will occupy the space around you. Even physical objects like chairs and walls will become digital interfaces.

2. A deeper level of communication

The way we interact with one another has moved way beyond words and facial expressions. Emojis, GIFs, photos, videos, memes—these are just some of the means we use every day to enrich our conversations and build deeper, more meaningful relationships. In augmented reality, they’ll be just a flick of the eye or a subtle gesture away.

3. Freedom of location and movement

Alternate seating like standing desks will really take off when we’re liberated from the screen. And when not engaging in intense work, say when taking a video call or virtually attending a conference, we’ll be free to move around and take our business outside of the office.

4. A TRUE co-working space

In a typical co-working space, nobody really knows what anyone else is working on unless they take a sneaky peer over their shoulders. With AR, the working experience will be a lot more open and shareable.

5. Superhuman productivity and experiences

AR will work wonders for increasing productivity in the workplace. And as greater productivity translates to greater revenue, this is great news for business. The impact AR will have on a company’s bottom line has caused many to already invest in and adopt the technology, speeding up its development and getting it into the hands of people like you and me sooner.

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