Chasing Impossible Goals is a Relief in a World (& Platform) Obsessed With Results

Joe Hunt
3 min readJul 19, 2022
Daruma doll, by author

I don’t care how many friggin’ followers you gained this month.

Or how much money you made from your new lucrative passive income side hustle that for some reason nobody’s talking about.

You disguise it as a story of celebrating success and believe you’re compelled to write about it out of generosity for your neighbor.

But really, you just know humans are obsessed with results.

And now, whether out of hard work and/or good fortune, you have some, and all you can think to do is use them to chase more results.

You appeal to your former desperate self, receive well-needed validation for all your wasted time from other desperate seekers, and, strategically, build a business out of your results to get even more results.

What a miserable way to live.

Chasing external results is to:

  • be driven by uncontrollable forces and so be constantly uncertain and on edge
  • have your work and ethics dictated by others and metrics
  • forfeit meaning and presence in this moment for the promise of later gains



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